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Whether you're a blogger, affiliate marketer, niche marketer, list owner, product seller, copywriter, paid advertiser, eCommerce seller, or even just a newbie starting out, you'll know the value of good sales copy.

The right combination of words have POWER, and can trigger EMOTIONAL responses that lead to ACTIONS. In other words good copywriting leads to sales. It's your job as an intelligent marketer to pick the right words, arrange them in the right order and display it in a way that gets people to buy.

Easier said than done right?

For the average person, writing a sales letter from scratch is actually VERY hard. Unless you have a natural gift for writing and you're good at selling you're not going to be churning out reams of sales letters any time soon...

However as a digital marketer you still want to build a name for yourself, build your brand and sell your own products... so what are your options?.... Well you could hire freelancers to do it for you... However here's the problem...

Getting Salesletters Written for You is NOT Cheap... Expect to Pay $200, $750 even $1,500 Per 4-Page Sales Letter with 2,000 Words!

Getting sales letters outsourced is not cheap.

Expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 for an average sales letter... $500 to $750 for a good sales letter... and $1500 or more for an excellent sales letter. And we're only talking 2,000 words here... which is about 4 pages of single-spaced lined words.

If you want the creme of the crop, that's guaranteed to make your product sell then expect to pay $10,000 or more. But I'm sure if you've got the budget to splash out $10K on a sales letter, you wouldn't be here on this page... So that's definitely out of the question.

Yes there are cheaper services available starting from as little $15 for a 500-word salesletter (or $60 for 2,000 words)... but come on... don't expect miracles. Most likely such freelancers are looking to build up their portfolio feedback and English isn't their first language. So expect some major editing on your part... assuming you're happy with what's written. And does the time you spend re-reading, re-arranging words, and removing text really make up for the price? You might as well spend a little more for an average writer.

So far it's not looking too good and if you've got MULTIPLE products you want to put online you'll easily run up a bill of $1000+ in copywriting fees alone.

This is where this time-saving, headache-busting, special offer steps in...

Right now you can get your hands on over 70 professionally written sales letters that target the most popular and profitable areas of internet marketing...

Forget Spending Hours Writing Excellent Sales Copy or Paying Out $200, $750 even $1,500 Per Sales Letter to a Professional Writer!...

...Now You Can Get Instant Access to Over 70+ Done For You Sales Letters with as much as 2,000-4,000 Words Each to Swipe and Use Immediately!...

Simply Choose a Topic... Grab a Sales Letter, Swipe, Edit and Use Right Away to Make Your Life Easier!...

No Need to Write from Scratch, Spend Hours Researching a Subject... or Bang Your Head Thinking What the Heck to Write... 99% of the Work Has Been Done for You!

 Access Over 140,000+ Words to Create Sales-Triggering Sales Letters to Use Immediately in Almost Every Area of Digital Marketing!

Internet Marketing Basics
Traffic Generation
List Building
Email Marketing
Email Copywriting
Step-by-Step Plans
Content Creation
Product Creation
Brand Building
Expert Status
Automation Systems
Sales Funnels
Niche Marketing
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Private Label Rights
Turn-Key Products
Coaching Programs
Time Limited Special Offers
Bundled Special Offers

Your Profit-Pulling Sales Letters Are NOT Just for Selling Products!... There's More Ways to Profit from this Abundance of Words...

Let me give you some real life examples where these done for you sales letters and auto-responders will come in handy...

Enter MULTIPLE niches within the I.M. industry that you know full well are profitable. Seen other marketers selling their own products and you know they're making a killing in but you have NO IDEA how to put together a sales letter or landing page that makes you sound like you know what you're on about?... Well now you can!
Turn EXISTING private label products and unfinished projects into hot sellers! Ever bought private label rights to a bunch of products in various niches but none of them came with a sales letter?... Use these sales letters to get your products sold!
Create IRRESISTIBLE landing pages that speak to the mind of your visitors! You want to build an email list and attract the right people but are still not quite sure what your audience wants or what their problems are?... Pick out headlines and bullet points from your sales letters to help you write  irresistible squeeze pages that people will immediately sign up to.
Build a RELATIONSHIP with your readers! Ever wanted to been seen as an expert in the I.M. niche but you have NO CLUE what to put in your autoresponder sequence? Swipe the introductions and bullet points from the sales letters to find out what the main problems are and you'll be able to write engaging emails and mini-lessons in no time.
Write better VIDEO SCRIPTS and create attention-grabbing sales videos! Did you know every sales video starts with a video script? If you're terrible at preparing videos and just can't find the right words to get people's attention, then use these sales letters to plan a script! The headlines, subheadlines, bullet-points, testimonials, guarantees and post-scripts do 99% of the heavy lifting for you!
Write better TEXT ADS and create BANNERS that attract more clicks! Do you plan to use paid advertising to get more traffic?... Swipe the headlines and sub-headlines from the sales letters that talk directly to your prospect's mind and trigger their emotions. You'll see your click-thrus go through the roof!
Improve your CLICK-THRUS on search engines results page. What if your site is listed on the first page of Google for your keyword or keyphrase but your listing is displayed towards the bottom?... Use the text ad from the previous example to optimize your search results META description to attract more traffic. Anyone who glosses over the first page of results will notice your listing right away, and voilà you have more traffic.
Create APPEALING product names and business brands. Want to give your new product a name, an identity or build a brand but don't know what to call it or what tagline to use?... Use the sales letters to help you come up with a catchy name that even cold prospects can instantly relate to. This alone will make you stand out from the competition and attract more customers your way.
Write EFFECTIVE articles, blog posts and social media posts. Do want to write better content to help promote your product or business but you don't know what the heck to write about?... Read through the sales letter and pick out problematic areas that can be easily expanded on in an article. Combine that with an effective title and you'll be churning out fresh new content in no time... or at the very least have a good idea of topics you want to outsource.
Write AMAZING sales letters with a proven to work structure and design formula. Do you have some idea of what to write, but don't know how to structure your sales letter in an effective way? Use the pre-written sales letters as a template to speed up your progress. No need to re-invent the wheel, just use what works and you're ready to profit!

The list goes on...

You're Not Just Getting a Bunch of Sales Letters... You're Getting Access to the Right Combination of Words and Phrases to Help You Profit in the Most Profitable Niches!

Now You Can Unlock this Treasure Box and Tap into a Goldmine of Words to Sell Your Products Faster and Print Cash on Demand!...

You're getting much more than just 'sales letters'. You're getting the blueprints to 70 sales letters used to promote hot-selling products that activate the 'buying mode' in your prospects.

You'll be able to enter a competitive and highly profitable niche with more credibility and a greater understanding of your market.

Products will be easier to make, email messages will be easier to write, ads will be easier to write, and ultimately your sales will show for it. You will become and unstoppable sales machine!

Don't Let "Writer's Block" and Your Lack of Copywriting Skills Hold You Back Any Longer... Use this Swipe Chamber of Words to Write Sales Letters Faster and Easier than You've Ever Done Before!

Reduce the time you spend researching a topic.
Eliminate outsourcing fees but maintain the quality of work of a professional copywriter.
Easily understand your audience just by skim-reading the sales letters.
Attract more traffic, leads and sales into your niche business.
 Create timeless ever-green products that don't fizzle out with the latest trends.

There's nothing stopping you from entering the internet marketing niche at once and creating a steady source of income.

Things just got a whole lot easier... and cheaper too!

Keep in mind that one of these sales letters will set you back $200-$300 if delegated to a professional copywriter ...And that's just for one!

You're getting access to over 70+ easily worth $21,000... and that's being conservative and don't include the planning time with your writer and waiting time for delivery!

You can grab EVERYTHING right now at a tiny fraction of the cost which means ZERO risk to you, confidence to sell in any niche and maximum profit!

...If anything it will cost you more to NOT take advantage of this insane deal!

There is NO Better Time to Improve Your
Copywriting Skills!...

Remember EVERYTHING gets added into your  account immediately. Simply log in with your username and password and all courses will be accessible within your account...

No need to log into separate websites, no need to download files, no chance of you losing your purchases if your PC, laptop, or mobile device goes faulty. Everything is conveniently available in one place.

And before you decide whether this is for you... let us reassure you that...

Your Results Are Guaranteed!

Write Sales Letters, Email Newsletters, Video
Scripts, Headlines, Ads
and More in Almost Any Niche
Faster and Easier or Get Your Money Back!

You're now one step closer to building an online business that you've always wanted. Our done-for-you solution is created for marketers BY MARKETERS so you're getting the REAL DEAL... content that you keep and refer back to, swipe, emulate and deploy time and time again.

When you invest in this package you're backed by a ‘Get Real Results within 30 Days’ guarantee. If you feel that these proven to work salesletters did not help speed up your product creation, or directly lead to an increase in sales in anyway then send us an email requesting for a full and prompt refund.

How can we make such a confident guarantee? Simple. Firstly because we know that sales letters SELL because we've used them to sell our own products to make $1000+ pay days. And secondly because we were once in your shoes and know what it's like to create your own products and write convincing sales letters from scratch... not to mention the cost of hiring a freelancer to do it for you.

You're getting access to the content we needed years ago but had to learn and build ourselves the hard way. Order now in complete confidence and we'll deliver this content to you immediately.

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No need to write a new salesletter or develop a new product from scratch. Just slap on your payment button, upload and sell!

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Licensing rights to this entire package is valued at over $197 but you'll receive this for FREE!

Don't Wait Any Longer! Grab Your 70+
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140,000 Words
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...Write Compelling Sales Letters, Must-Read Email Newsletters, Emotional Video Scripts, Attention-Grabbing Headlines, High-Ticket Products, Coaching Programs Text Ads, Banners Ads and More...

Total Value $21,000 ($300 per sales letter)
Grab Everything Now for Only $197

NOTE: For a limited time you can grab a copy of this entire website to re-sell instantly for 100% profit!

Your Price Only $17!

To Your Success!

Your online teacher passionate in helping you succeed!

Tarnell Brown has a passion for internet marketing with plenty of experience and a growing knowledge of the industry. His/her dedication to pushing the boundaries and constantly improving means YOUR NAME is committed to helping you grow your online business and achieve real tangible results that you can be proud of. If you have any pre-sale questions about this product, please contact for help and support and your questions will be answered you as soon as possible.

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