How to Build your first sales funnel (best strategy)
RE: Setup your squeeze page, OTOs, thank you pages, emails, buttons, dl links, and more!
Build your sales funnel in 47 minutes!
RE: build your first sales funnel (best strategy…)
RE: build your first sales funnel in 47 minutes (squeeze, OTOs, emails and more…)

A successful online business is built
around building profitable systems that
are easy to follow and fast to
implement usually with the help of
pre-made content like PLR and MRR.

However as your skills improve and you
develop a vision for your business, you
may want to consider building your own
unique line of products and placing
them in your own sales funnel to stand
out in the marketplace.

If so, then this will be of great use
to you…


Here’s why a sales funnel is the ideal
online business model for any niche,
product or service you’ll offer…

1. It directs the focus of your traffic
so they see all the important and most
profitable pages in a series of events.

2. It allows you to pinpoint exactly
where the weakest link in your sales
system is, such as a low conversion
rate or low volume of sales or lack of
engagment… allowing you to make
smarter decisions for improvement.

3. It puts all the best aspects of
online marketing into one streamlined
system that you can continiously
improve upon.

4. It helps you maximize your
conversion rates so you can generate
the greatest number of subscribers and
customers per number of visitors.

5. It provides an organized buying
experience for your customers and helps
you segregate the tyre-kickers, first
time buyers, and loyal customers and
clients so you know who you’re
marketing to.

6. It enables you to develop
high-ticket, high value products and
courses for your most valued customers
such as webinars, group coaching and
one-on-one sessions.

…All of this of course enables you to
maximize your revenue per customer…
Turn costly advertising into a
profitable venture or at least minimize
it… plus it makes your business
resistant from constantly changing SEO
algorythms and trends!

On top of that it also opens up the
doors for the possibility of starting a
solo ad business or ad swap with other
successful list owners to grow your
list even faster!


The truth is if you don’t have a sales
funnel in place, then your business is
not optimized and you’re most likely
leaving some serious money on the table.

So today we’re going to break down a
basic horizontal sales funnel for you
step-by-step so you can follow along,
learn what you need, apply what you
need, and build your own unique sales
funnel step-by-step.


To Your Success!
Your Online Teacher.


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