REMINDER: 9-Steps to Creating Seductive Sales Videos (that actually sells…)

Writing a sales letter that converts is
one thing, but writing a video script,
putting together an animated
presentation and synchronizing it with
a voice-over is a whole different ball

These days you’ll be hard pressed not
to land on a page that doesn’t have a

When done right you can achieve double
digit conversions. If you’re not taking
full advantage of sales videos then
you’re seriously missing out.

In this unique course you’ll discover
the art of creating sales videos.

Module #1 – Hybrid Video Sales Letters
Module #2 – Knowing Your Audience Demographics
Module #3 – Knowing Your Audience’s Pain
Module #4 – Removing Objections
Module #5 – The Video Script Formula
Module #6 – What’s In It For Me
Module #7 – Your Perfect Pitch
Module #8 – Animating Your Video
Module #9 – Text Vs Screen Capture

If you’re serious about bringing more
customers and sales into your business
with professionally created sales
videos then be sure to grab this course
before it’s taken down…


To Your Success!
Your Online Teacher.

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