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This is a very important lesson about building a solid LONG TERM income from your online business. Omar Martin will reveal the 4 EXACT things that you need to master in order to create the online income you deserve. If you've ever been "stuck" before I strongly recommend that you take some time to READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE NOW before you proceed.
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If you've ever tried building a series of emails for your list before you'll know that you can spend a whole day doing this!

If you want to copy and paste professionally written emails that are proven to build response with your subscribers and customers and get them to take action then you'll love this!

These email templates alone give you a blueprint on how to communicate to your list and will eliminate any stalling and creative thinking time on your part. You're ready to edit, copy and paste and follow up.

You get over 950 lengthy and informative email messages that target almost all sub-niches within the internet marketing niche. These are ACTUAL emails we use to promote our own products, so you're getting the real deal.

Use these emails as a template to inform your subscribers, pre-sell them on an idea, and to write your emails quicker. All the work for you so you can simply edit, copy and paste these emails into your autoresponder to build a relationship with various groups of subscribers to build rapport and ultimately increase your sales.

Here are Just a Few Ways to Profit Immediately with Swipe Promo Emails...

You can swipe email subject lines for use in your own email campaigns to increase your open and click rates and improve the overall performance of your email marketing.
You can swipe email intros, outros and call-to-actions to write your email messages faster and get the sales in quicker without having to re-think and overthink what you're writing.
You can take it further and use both subject lines and intros for blog posts, social media posts, video posts, report titles and more! Every email is designed to get attention and evoke clicks. What works in email marketing can easily be applied to other areas of your business. Use what works to save yourself time!
You can replace segments of emails messages with your own to start using immediately! For example, you may sell a video course on affiliate marketing. Simply choose any one of the affiliate marketing promo emails, leave the intro, outro and call to action in place but replace the content section with your own, and you have a promo email ready to send out immediately!
You can extract ideas, bullet points and summaries in the promo emails to write your own unique messages faster! Ever experienced writer's block or stare at blank white text file wondering what on earth to write? With these swipe promo emails you'll never be lost for words and will always have something to work with.
You can take the ideas, bullet points and summaries and post it on your own website or blog and monetize it with AdSense Ads and affiliate banners! Many of the swipe emails come with tons of useful free advice that's easily worthy of a blog post. Why not take the ones you like and post it immediately on your blog and monetize it instantly. You provide value for your readers, you make yourself look like an expert, and you profit from ads. It's a win-win.
You can compile several content emails together into a short report. You can give it a title like "7 Ways to Make Money with PLR" and use it as a free gift to build your list! You can even create several of these short reports, create a graphic image for each one and offer it as a bonus package for your paid products.
You can even copy and paste them on your sales letter to help your prospects understand the value of buying your product.
You can replicate the format, structure and contents of the emails to help you write your own promo campaigns to promote your own products.
You can study the emails to develop your own super long automated newsletters that last weeks, months even years long!
 You can be used as free promotional content for your affiliates. Can edit the emails to promote your product, and give them freely to your affiliates and JV partners so they can promote you easily!
You can take the intros and use them as video scripts for your video tutorials and YouTube channel. For example, if you're promoting a product on productivity and time management, you take a snippet from a relevant email like this...

"Your time is definitely limited. There's no changing that. But what you do have control over is what you do in the time you have.... In this video you're about to discover how to solve this problem once and for all so you can become unstoppable in your personal and business life..."

The script is short, sweet, and to the point and will make for a great video intro for a tutorial or sales video. And that was only two paragraphs taken from ONE email. You could literally create 100s of these intros and never be stuck for ideas. Just think how much thinking and time you save on this alone!

You can take the intros and post them as transcripts. Now you have instant written content that can be posted in any description box including YouTube video posts. This helps YouTube and the search engines know what your video is about to give you higher rankings.
You can be used to help develop PLR and Resell Rights packages you've purchased, ready for marketing. Ever bought a product with PLR or resell rights that have an okayish sales letter and half-hearted written emails? Use these swipe promo emails to fill out your sales page and develop a solid email campaign that will guarantee you sales.

The profit potential here is truly UNLIMITED...

...Because the emails have been written with so much care and attention, you essentially have high quality PLR content to speed up any content creation within your business.

Each email has been written by yours truly so rest assured that each message has that PERSONAL touch... something that article writing software and your average article writer CANNOT do - as they simply don't have the experience.

This is a mini-training course I did with well-known seven-figure marketer Steven Alvey on making money by creating infoproducts on topics you already..

Module 1:  Introduction

Warlord Entrepreneur Steven Alvey gives a brief overview of the course, and what you can expect to learn.

Module 2:  Intro to Info Products

Manic Marketing Madness' Tarnell Brown breaks down the basics of information products and how to brainstorm their creation.

Module 3:  Creating Your Course

Steven provided detailed instructions on how to set up an eLearning center to deliver your course after you have created it.

**Note: Steve instructs our students on using a platform called EverLesson, but the principles are similar for any membership/course delivery platform, even if the interfaces and usage are different, Naturally, Tarnell prefers ProductDyno...

Module 4:  An Intro to Online Marketing

In this final video, Tarnell gives a brief overview of some methods to drive traffic to the course you have now created and placed on an online membership and learning platform for your soon-to-be customers.

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